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FAQQ. What size are your boards?
A. They all are 24" long and your choice of two widths, 4 1/2" and 6".

Q. How are the boards finished?
A. They are finished with two coats of post catalyzed conversion varnish which is a seal coat, scuff sanded with 320 grit, and then a final top coat.

Q. Can the boards be used for laser engraving and cutting?
A. Yes, our background is laser engraving and cutting and we use our own product.

Q. How will my items ship?
A. They will either ship USPS or UPS ground and will also depend on the size of your order.

Q. What if I need an expedited shipment?
A. Please contact us to have your order expedited.

Q. What if I have a problem with my order?
A. We hope you are always completely satisfied with Infinity Woods, but things do happen. If you ever have a problem with your order please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss what is best for you.

Q. What if my boards warp?
A. We do not guarantee boards against warping. To help prevent this, store them in a low humidity space, keep in a tight stack and apply a heavy weight on top.
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